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For example, when I wear light-colored tight-fitting dress, The old fear of eating a change tube waist, face will follow the fans of embarrassment Wei, has received the ‘Jade Goddess of Mercy’,
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Christmas Party 2015

Felt Z75 2015 Road Bike

A few weeks ago my bike was stolen (a 2013 Felt Z85), this was very sad and annoying as I use it for commuting every day.

Today however it’s replacement arrived, a 2015 Felt Z75.  This is a much better bike than the old Z85 as the new 11 speed Shimano 105 groupset feels like a big step up.  Gear shifts feel lovely and the whole bike rides quick and comfortably.  There is no noise from it at all – including the clicking I used to get from my previous pedals.  The bike feels lighter than the old Z85, despite it being the same size frame, I’m not sure if this really is the case, or if I’d just forgotten the weight of the old one, or perhaps it’s the new groupset.

I’ve only taken it on a quick spin down the road to try it out, but I am looking forward to riding it again tomorrow morning :)