E-mail Encryption

You may have noticed a link on the right —->  to my OpenPGP public key.  I thought I’d take this opportunity to urge you to use OpenPGP and other e-mail encryption services.

As Encryptomatic state:

The internet’s little secret is that your private email may not be so private. Unprotected messages and file attachments (pictures, documents, videos, etc) may as well be printed on a postcard as they traverse the internet. Many news accounts have documented instances of email messages being intercepted, sometimes with serious consequences.

Also the UK is planning on storing all e-mail and phone calls data:

The UK government is considering a massive database to store every person’s emails, phone calls, text messages and internet use. The plan was suggested as a tool to help security forces tackling crime and terrorism.

And the US has already been doing so since 2006

In 2006, the US National Security Agency was found to be secretly keeping billions of such records.

So if you don’t want you e-mails to be read easily then please take the time to encrypt the mail you send.  I use the free Enigmail plugin for Thunderbird to handle my encrypted e-mails.  It is simple to set up and get using.  There are other alternatives out there:

Plus others I haven’t found.

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