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Simon & Ikuko Dancing

This is one of my faves from my friend Simons wedding this weekend.

I wasn’t the official photographer thank god but was tasked with getting a few nice shots.

I know you can’t see his face, but that’s no bad thing and I do like the light in the corner.

New PC

I finally got my new PC up and running.  I initially had a bad set of memory sticks which meant it kept rebooting and was generally a nightmare as it mostly didn’t even POST boot at all, nevermind load an OS.

I’ve upgraded to:

Intel Core i5 750
MSI GD65 motherboard
4GB DDR3 1600MHz 9-9-9-24 memory
1GB ATI HD 5770 DX11 graphics card
Windows 7 Home Premium

It’s been lovely to use so far, especially for running games and photo editing.  Just saving a raw file used to take about a minute on my old system, now it takes a few seconds.  I can now finally use the noise reduction feature without my PC churning away for literally several minutes – it’s jut a second or so now which is great.

I can finally run games at 1920×1200 with mostly max settings, and they look great on my 24″ monitor!

I’ve been unable to get my monitor calibration tool to work with Win 7 yet and I can’t run Doom3 for some reason.

P.S. New edits in my fotoblog

York Minster from the Walls

York Minster as seen from York Walls

I’ve finally got my new PC up and running (and it’s very very lovely to now edit my pictures because it’s so fast) so I’ve had the chance to go through my photos from my recent trip back home to York.

This is once of my favourite from the trip, it’s of York Minster taken from the Walls near the Station.  The light was lovely that day and the autum colours were coming out nicely.  It’s also nice to see the Minster without scaffolding.  I think when I lived in York for 18 years I never saw it without scaffolding, only since I left for Uni and then further afield did it come down.

I used a nice small aperture to try get more in sharp focus and for a cheap kit lens I think it came out OK.