New PC

I finally got my new PC up and running.  I initially had a bad set of memory sticks which meant it kept rebooting and was generally a nightmare as it mostly didn’t even POST boot at all, nevermind load an OS.

I’ve upgraded to:

Intel Core i5 750
MSI GD65 motherboard
4GB DDR3 1600MHz 9-9-9-24 memory
1GB ATI HD 5770 DX11 graphics card
Windows 7 Home Premium

It’s been lovely to use so far, especially for running games and photo editing.  Just saving a raw file used to take about a minute on my old system, now it takes a few seconds.  I can now finally use the noise reduction feature without my PC churning away for literally several minutes – it’s jut a second or so now which is great.

I can finally run games at 1920×1200 with mostly max settings, and they look great on my 24″ monitor!

I’ve been unable to get my monitor calibration tool to work with Win 7 yet and I can’t run Doom3 for some reason.

P.S. New edits in my fotoblog