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Snowy Owl

We went down to the new forest again today for Valentines day and went to the otter and owl wildlife park.  The owls were magnificent but were in wire enclosures, not behind glass, which made shooting difficult.  This is a snowy owl and was fantastic.  They’re a lot bigger than I thought they’d be, and this one looks happy with himself.  Keeping a wide aperture was important because it was dark and also to blur the fencing out as much as possible.  You can still jsut about see the fence, but it’s not too noticable.

1/200s, f/2.8, ISO800, 150mm

Stag Grazing

I was in the park the other day with the aim of trying out my new macro lens in the field on some flowers and/or grasses when I was greeted by some lovely light and a big herd of deer.  So I swapped to the longer 150mm lens to get some closer shots.

1/400s, f/4.5, ISO200, 150mm

Wooden Eagle

We went to Ripleys in London the other week and I had with me just my new Sigma 50mm macro lens on the D300.  It’s good to have some fast-ish glass again, even if it does only go to f/3 at non-infinity focussing (with it being a macro lens).

This shot on the right was carved from a single piece of wood and was behind glass.

1/40th, f/3, ISO400