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New bunneh

We got a new bunny last Saturday.  We’ve decided to call him Bowe, or Bo.  We were originally going to go for Socks, but changed our mind.

New bunny, Bowe

He’s now 17 weeks old and we think he might be a French / Dwarf lop, so the same as our current bunnies.  He’s getting on OK with Missy, but Digby and him are still fighting trying to sort out who’s boss.

He is also a bit of a shitter with regular and often clearing of the kitchen floor required.  Give it a few weeks and they’ll all be happy friends.

Some recent updates

I’m well aware that I should update this blog more often.  so here’s some catch up from the past few months.

View down my road

A view down my road

Bushy Park autumn colours

Flower at Wisley RHS

Flower at Wisley RHS II

Kingston in the snow I

Kingston in the snow II