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Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner?

You can only eat either breakfast, lunch, or dinner meals for the rest of your life. What’s your choice?

So its: fry up, toast or milk covered cereal vs a stop gap in the day usually between two slices of bread vs any other meal you could imagine?

Definitly dinner for me!

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My First Drive

I think the first time I drove a car was on an air field somewhere with my step dad. I can remember not really getting it and just kind of going in a straight line.

001368 – Hyundai Accent
My first actual lesson with an instructor was very good. He had a blue Hyundai Accent. We started on Colton Lane out the back of Copmanthorpe, it’s a small rural B road. We got going nicely there, changed gears etc.  He thanked me for dodging the massive pothole that everone else hits.  After about half and hour on these small roads we got onto the A64 and did a nice stretch at 70mph on the dual carraigeway, before pulling off and stopping at a burger van for a cuppa. Then it was back in the car and into the center of York at rush hour. This was the worse bit. Cruising on the dual carraige way I could cope with easy but clutch control in traffic was more difficult. We went past the race course and back home to Cop. A very good 2 hours and first lesson.
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Fotoblog: Jan 2011

I haven’t don’e a fotoblog update in a while so I’ll do a monthly update from January.  We went on quite a few nice long walks in January, managing to get down to Lyndhurst in the New Forest, which is about 90 mins down the road from us.  We also did a partial attempt at the trail all  the way around Richmond Park, before completing it the next week.

I’ve also been shooting a bit of film.  I have four films that I’ve finished and I’m half way through the fifth and last that I have.  I’ve been shooting Kodak Ektar ISO100 and am looking forward to getting it all developed.  Due to the fact that I only have 3 lenses that work on the F80, all of which are primes and two are 50mm lenses I’ve been a bit restricted.  I do like the 50mm focal length on full frame 35mm and have enjoyed using it.  I think I’m going to have to get the Sigma 20mm f/1.8 next for some interesting wide angle shots and it’ll make a nice focal length indoors on my DX D300.  Then, if by this point I haven’t won the lottery and can therefore afford the Nikon 35mm f/1.4, I want the older 35mm f/2 D.

Anyway, back to the shots from January:

New Forest Pony

New Forest Sands

Sun through the trees in Richmond Park

Sunset flare in the New Forest