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I bought another graphics card the other week. It’s another ATI Radeon HD5770 that I have Crossfired with my existing one. Oddly the new card is half the width of the old one, which is nice and welcome. I can now pretty much max out any game graphics quality wise and not have an issue. I’ve only really been playing COD MW2, Portal 2 and the new Snoper Elite V2 so nothing too taxing – I haven’t tried it with Crysis yet but I’m not expecting to get the max out of it, especially as I run at 1920×1200.

Still an impressive improvement over a single card. Cheap too buying second hand on ebay from people selling for the latest and greatest.

Nice evening out


Hopefully it’ll stay this dry and warm for the weekend

May 24, 2012


Hopefully more beers in the sun soon