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What’s in my camera bag: Jan 2011

Well since I last did an update of my camera kit back in January 2009 I have made a few changes.

Gone is the big, heavy, not that sharp Sigma 70-200 f/2.8.  I was desperate to get that lens after the cheap 70-300 I had previously and it was a seriously impressive bit of kit.  But its size and weight were so much that it was a real effort to take it out and use it often, so it was mostly left at home in favour of smaller shorter lenses.

I have added two 50mm lenses, the Sigma 50mm f/2.8 macro came first as a smaller, lighter and smaller MFD, 1:1 macro lens.  I wanted this mainly for handheld flower macros because I found the Sigma 150mm a bit long at times and difficult to hand hold.

The second 50mm lens was the Nikon 50mm f/1.4 mainly because I’d started to like the 50mm focal length more and wanted a ncie fast lens for low light shots.

I have also added a film camera in the form of a Nikon F80.  I’ve so far put a few rolls of Ektar through it, but haven’t had any of it developed yet, so I don’t actually know if it works properly or not.

I’ve also added a third party grip for the D300 which give me the option of adding a second battery or using 8xAA batteries or a battery from a D2/3.  But so far I’ve not used it for the added battery capacity, only for the vertical shutter release.  It makes shooting portraits and flower macros a lot easier and more comfortable.  It does make the camera bigger than the D2H I previously had.

To try cope with this I got a new camera bag for Christmas from my lovely girlfriend.  This is a bigger and sturdier version of my old Crumpler bag with lots of additional pockets and the ability to hold a lot more at once.